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Bonus Video Slots

If you are playing a real money game and want to increase your winning chances, you need to play a bonus video slot game. In other words, it allows you to play the 'second chance' bonus round of the big money game.

Video slots comprise of the most popular lines of online slot machine games that are displayed on screen with an amazing range of graphics, animations, sounds and bonus features. All these attributes make a player glued to the game until he is completely exhausted.

In case of video slots, payout values are fixed and multiplied by the number of coins that are betted per line. Video slot machines offer a bonus round and allow a player to play as many individual lines as desired based on the payout amounts.

For a bonus video slot game, you can choose from a wide variety of symbols that boost the lucky chances of winning the jackpot amount by increasing the prize money, which is doubled or tripled each time you win. You can select a maximum of twenty pay lines on clicking the buttons displayed on screen. The bets range between £0.03 and £2500 per round.

slot machines online
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