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Slot Machine Secrets

  1. There is a secret behind every slot machine. Though the fruit machines differ in their appearances, all of them are basically the same. Every year, slot machines are launched with new and attractive designs, features, graphics, animation and sound effects.

  2. The slot or fruit machines contain software and hardware that function on the same working principle. However, the pay out percentage varies from machine to machine.

  3. The overall function of a fruit machine is controlled by a microprocessor, which helps you decide your win or loss by producing innumerable win/loss symbols. This takes place randomly and hence, the display of the symbols cannot be predicted.

  4. Avoid any advertisement or mail order promising you a sure-shot win. These are nothing but worthless methods of attracting you and prove of no avail.

  5. Always choose slot machines with one reel. Playing slots with three or more reels are not at all advantageous. Though it is a myth that multiple reels increase your winning chances, the fact is that they only increase your desire to grab the jackpot. And since there is no guarantee that you will win, it is advisable that you play a one-reel slot.

  6. In case of a real money game, play with coins rather than credits. Though the winnings are displayed in the credit-meter, you may forget that you are actually playing a real money game. You will continue playing only to realise at last that you are gradually losing instead of winning. Playing with coins, however, helps you remain conscious of the real money slot machine game and you can quit playing at the right time.

  7. It will be wise on your part to bet on minimum coins when you play a slot machine game. Do not bet on maximum coins just for the sake of winning big. This may prove to be hazardous.

  8. Though there is uncountable slot machine gambling secrets, the biggest secret lies behind the truth that it is you who can have total control over the game and play it conveniently.

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